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(Triple 6) Hardware

(Triple 6) Hardware


**SPECIAL 35mm SCREENING WITH DIRECTOR RICHARD STANLEY Q&A** Radiation clouds choke the sky and over-crowded mega-cities threaten to dissolve into madness. A wandering junk merchant finds the remains of a defunct robot and sells them to Mo, also a nomad, who buys them for his urban artist girlfriend named Jill to use in her work. But he doesn't know the robot is a self-regenerating prototype, a military drone intended to control the exploding population utilizing indiscriminate, gruesome murder. Trapped, alone in her apartment and spied on by her perverted neighbor, Jill must battle to survive against a relentless killing machine re-built from her own possessions and which will stop at nothing to tear her apart.

Running time: 94 mins


UK release date: 23/03/2017