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The movie is based on the story of a village "Paggan Majra" and a game of tug war between tractors played in the village. Belonging to a middle-class family Jaggi (Binnu Dhillon) loves his tractor, and has named it as "Bailaras"( the title of the film) so, is very confident about winning the war against Dev Kharoud. Although Dev wants to buy Jaggi's tractor but he comes to know that Jaggi will never be ready for selling his tractor. In next scene, the trailer changes the mood by showing the entry of very beautiful lady Prachi Tehlan (as the lead actress) who belongs to Shimla, was present in the village for a shoot of her film and met Jaggi at the famous game of tug war. Meeting her, Binnu Dhillon falls in love with her. After this, he starts discussing about his marriage with his family but fails to impress them with his choice and flies to Shilma for her, by selling his tractor to Dev for the money, on the other side the girl rejects him too as she is from very rich family. Also, she was never serious about him and never thought about any kind of future with him. So, going through this phase, Jaggi somehow sells his tractor and when his senses are back, he fights for his tractor that is now owned by Dev Kharoud.

Running time:

Drama   Romance  
Binnu Dhillon   Prachi Tehlan   Karamjit Anmol  
Ksshitij Chaudhary  

UK release date: 06/10/2017