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Ground  breaking 3D

AMC 3D is powered by RealD Cinema System, a ground-breaking digital cinema projection system.

Amazing image quality; with digital films, the stunning picture quality enhances your movie-going experience.


How does it work?

During the making of 3D films, two cameras are used for each shot, providing two slightly different viewpoints for every moment. These become separate streams of images – one for each eye. During a 3D movie, the projector plays a left-eye image, then a right eye image one after the other, so quickly that you think they’re playing at the same time.

Your 3D eye-wear shows each eye the correct image and your brain fools you into seeing a three dimensional image when, in reality, there are just two.


3D Glasses

  • You only need to purchase glasses once, keep them safe and clean and reuse them again and again.
  • Glasses are available at the box office and concession stand.
  • Glasses can be purchased at your local AMC, please check your local cinema for prices.
  • Please note 3D glasses purchased at AMC only work with RealD 3D.
  • If you scratch or damage your RealD glasses it may spoil your enjoyment of your 3D experience and we would encourage you to purchase a new pair.
  • You will still need to purchase a pair of glasses as part of the Meerkat 2 for 1 ticket promotion, if you don't already own a pair of RealD glasses.